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Description by Filecoin Wallet

Connect to Filecoin dapps using MetaMask. Manage Filecoin accounts, send FIL to Native and FEVM accounts and enable FEVM transaction insights. Enhances MetaMask with native Filecoin address support (e.g. f1 addresses). (Not needed for the Filecoin EVM.) After installing the Snap, visit the website to connect with MetaMask and start using the Snap.

Permissions by Filecoin Wallet

  • Manage Test Networks accounts

  • Manage Filecoin accounts

  • Access the internet

  • Allow other Snaps to communicate directly with Filecoin Wallet

  • Allow websites to communicate with Filecoin Wallet

  • Fetch and display transaction insights

  • Display dialog windows in MetaMask

  • Store and manage its data on your device

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