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Description by HAPI

HAPI Snap, developed by the HAPI Team, is an advanced tool for blockchain threat detection, providing users with the means to protect their digital assets from potential risks. Main Features: 1. Data Aggregation: Gathers comprehensive threat data from diverse sources. 2. AI Threat Detection: Utilizes AI for real-time risk assessment. 3. Wallet Security Enhancement: Offers transaction analysis, phishing protection, and alerts. 4. Free Access: Enables thorough due diligence without cost. Advantages: - Superior Protection: Shields against a wide range of blockchain threats. - Informed Transactions: Facilitates educated decision-making with detailed threat data. - User-Friendly: Simple and automated monitoring for ease of use. - Cost-Effective: Free, unlimited access to security tools and data. Ease of Use: - Quick setup, offering automated threat monitoring and intuitive access to security insights, making it accessible for all users without extra fees.

Permissions by HAPI

  • Access the internet

  • Allow websites to communicate with HAPI

  • Use lifecycle hooks

  • Fetch and display transaction insights

  • See the origins of websites that suggest transactions

  • Display dialog windows in MetaMask

  • Store and manage its data on your device

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