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Description by Foresight by Noves

Noves Foresight allows you to experience transaction signing like never before, by providing clear descriptions of exactly what is about to happen. It leverages Noves's industry-leading translation engine for smart contracts, providing extensive coverage across 50+ chains and hundreds of millions of smart contracts. How it works: When you initiate a transaction, and before you sign it, Noves Foresight will perform a simulation of the transaction that will calculate all of the asset transfers that would take place. It will then translate the raw simulation into something easy to understand, including: - An English sentence that describes the real-world meaning of the transaction. For example: 'This transaction will claim 10 CRV in rewards' or 'This transaction will add 1 ETH and 4000 USDC to a liquidity pool.' - A fully-tagged 'flow' view of all the asset transfers that will take place. You'll be able to easily see why a particular token is coming in or out of your wallet. How to use: It's super simple! Just check out the 'Noves Foresight' tab in your MetaMask prompt, any time you've initiated a transaction and want to check what's going to happen before you sign.

Permissions by Foresight by Noves

  • Access the Ethereum provider

  • Access the internet

  • Allow websites to communicate with Foresight by Noves

  • Fetch and display transaction insights

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