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Description by Rubic

Rubic's 'Best Rate Finder' makes it easier than ever before to pick the most cost-efficient route for your token swap by actively comparing swap rates across 200+ DEXs simultaneously – all within your MetaMask wallet. Here's how it works: 1. Watch The Tutorial: 2. Initiate your transaction on a DEX in a browser. 3. Within the MetaMask transaction confirmation window, you'll have access to Rubic's Snap tab. 4. Rubic's innovative 'Best Rate Finder' algorithm searches from over 200 DEXs, analyzing various routes to identify the most cost-efficient option for your intended swap. 5. If Rubic indicates a better rate than the one offered by the current DEX you're on, you'll have the option to seamlessly switch to Rubic's App to complete the transaction using the more optimal route. Stop juggling between multiple DEXs to find the best rate. Leave that heavy lifting to us and have peace of mind knowing you're always getting the best swap rate possible! Snap's Page - About Rubic: Rubic aggregates 70+ blockchains and testnets, while it enables swaps of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds — in one click, thanks to the integration of 220+ DEXs and bridges.

Permissions by Rubic

  • Allow websites to communicate with Rubic

  • Access the internet

  • Fetch and display transaction insights

  • See the origins of websites that suggest transactions

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