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Description by Safeheron

A fully decentralized MPC wallet with three key shards distributed across the MetaMask Extension and two mobile phones with the Safeheron Snap App installed. Use two devices to sign transactions. 1. Secure and User-Friendly Distribute 3 key shards on 3 devices and utilize 2 devices to complete signature for a transaction. 2. 100% Asset Control Users have access to all 3 key shards and securely back them up via recovery phrases. 3. Recovery If one device is lost/stolen, users can use another 2 devices to recover a new key shard. 4. Use MPC wallet in MetaMask Support MetaMask Account Snap feature. After you back up your wallet, it will automatically add the wallet to your MetaMask Account. You can directly use the MPC wallet in MetaMask. 5. Secure and convenient Web3 access Benefiting from the support of the MetaMask Account Snap feature, the Safeheron Snap wallet can easily connect to any Web3 application, offering hardware wallet-level security and the convenience of MPC signatures. 6. Fully Decentralized Users possess all 3 MPC key shards, without any cloud servers. MPC signing and communication are both performed on the user's device.

Permissions by Safeheron

  • Allow requests for adding and controlling Ethereum accounts

  • Allow to communicate with Safeheron

  • Support for WebAssembly

  • Add and control Ethereum accounts

  • Display dialog windows in MetaMask

  • Store and manage its data on your device

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